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New Service: Digital Newspaper Search

The charity, Paper Trail, is offering to search and retrieve digital newspaper articles for victims and survivors of the conflict.

Paper Trail is helping victims and survivors of the conflict in Ireland and Britain to retrieve information in digital newspaper archives about incidents that impacted their lives.

For many family researchers, the first stage of their archival research is a trip to the newspaper archives. Even in normal times, this can be slow and laborious. During the global pandemic, it has been even more problematic.

To support victims and survivors of the conflict in Ireland and Britain, Paper Trail is offering a free digital search and retrieval service using the digital newspaper archives to which it is subscribed.

Paper Trail's Ciarán MacAirt will follow these 3 simple steps to support the family's research:

  1. 🔎 Search in digital newspaper archives and in Paper Trail's private stores of information
  2. ↓ Download and collate the digital newspapers
  3. ↑ Upload the digital newspaper files on to Box [Cloud content management] and share with the family researcher.

This desktop research could take a half-day of work for Paper Trail (depending on the number of newspaper searches) but could save victims and survivors weeks of work in actual newspaper archives.

Ciarán MacAirt said:

"The first stage of archival research for many of our families are newspaper articles. It is also the first stage of research for Paper Trail when I am investigating an incident that has impacted a family."

"Research at newspaper archives can take weeks of work but has always proved successful. Paper Trail's subscription to a number of key digital newspaper archives has proved to be absolutely essential during the global pandemic. In fact, it has made our critical research even easier as it has saved us time and made searching for relevant articles easier."

"We are now offering this standalone service to victims and survivors for FREE so it will save them valuable time and money and I will carry out all of the work myself ."

"All I require will be a few details to begin the searches and to help our funders monitor the free support we are offering to families."

Further Information

If you would like more information, email Ciarán or drop him a message using the form below.



Newspaper archives follow the Paper Trail

Follow the Paper Trail

The first stage of research for many victims and survivors is collecting and collating newspaper articles but this has been hampered by the ongoing pandemic.

Paper Trail can help, and for victims and survivors, this is FREE support as always.

Paper Trail subscribes to digital newspaper archives across the country and can do a specific search on behalf of victims and survivors.

All we need is a few details from you so message Ciarán using the form and he will get back to you before retrieving any newspaper information he can find.

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