Acknowledgement is due to these organisations.

We have included this page to offer acknowledgement to a number or organisations that support our work.

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Paper Trail is a micro-charity with only one employee. The work we do is labour-intensive and time-consuming. It is invaluable work but we have little funding.

Therefore, we have to scrimp and innovate to save time and money for the work we do for victims and survivors of the conflict.

Below are just some of the organisations, apps, and people who support Paper Trail and make our charitable work easier.

One of the most important links, of course, may be to the Victims and Survivors Service website so you can link in with a range of free services.


Superb design tool for presentations, videos, and social media.

Charity Digital

Charity Digital helps charities achieve more with digital technology.

Ninja Forms

Form-building solutions for WordPress websites and managers.


All-in-one back-up and migration plug-in for WordPress websites.


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