Here are just some of the handy links we use.

Paper Trail Legacy Archive Research

We have included links to the archives we use and the details for important departments, pages, and contacts.

The archives include Public Records Office Northern Ireland (PRONI), the National Archives (TNA), London, the National Archives of Ireland (NAI), Dublin.

One of the most important links, of course, may be to the Victims and Survivors Service website so you can link in with a range of free services.

Blog Roll

Ciarán MacAirt - personal website and blog of the author featuring archive discoveries and articles

McGurk's Bar Massacre - campaign website which is family-run and features archive releases relating to the atrocity of 4th December 1971

Paper Trail Blog - archive releases and ground-breaking articles

Pat Finucane Centre - advocacy support and archive releases

Treason Felony Blog - a Republican history blog by academic, John Ó Neill


Ulidia Legacy and Educational Trust - support and archival research for case reports

Balaclava Street - a blog exploring the conflict with insight into Loyalism

The Pensive Quill - the blog of author and former Republican prisoner, Anthony McIntyre


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