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Watch, listen, and learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. Each lesson is only a few minutes long and, because it is online, you can return to them whenever suits you.

Lessons include short videos, podcasts, workshops, and resources regarding these courses: (1) Legacy Archives: First Steps; and (2) Recording Lived Experiences (Oral History)

Introducing Paper Trail's FREE Online Courses

E-Learning - Legacy Archives: First Steps Launched

First Steps

  1. Introducing Legacy Archives
  2. The Importance of Legacy Archive Research
  3. How This Course Works
  4. Signposts to Support

Second Steps

  1. What Are Legacy Archives?
  2. Signposts to Legacy Archives
  3. Breakout: World Wars and Local Memories

Third Steps

  1. Conflict Archive on the Internet
  2. News Flash
  3. Libraries
  4. Museums
  5. Public Records
  6. Post-Script
  7. MRF Shooters & Freds

Recording Lived Experiences

  1. Recording Lived Experiences and Dealing with the Legacy of the Past
  2. Commemoration - Lest We Forget
  3. What Are Oral History and Storytelling?
  4. Rewards and Risks

Please note, that you can only watch the lessons if you are a victim and survivor of the conflict in Ireland and Britain or work with them and have filled in our online Monitoring Form. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 - see below.

If you are a victim and survivor of the conflict in Ireland and Britain and have an email >>

3 Steps to FREE E-Learning


Complete the charity's Monitoring Form to register your interest - "For E-Learning" - and leave the confidential details required by our funders.


Paper Trail sets you up as a User and emails your individual login details, including username and password for the Paper Trail website.


You use your individual username and password for the Paper Trail website and log in here. You will then be taken back to this page and the links above.

FREE Sessions

These 3 sessions complement each other for family campaigns and research so we advise participants to consider all 3 together.

Legacy Archives

Learn about the archives in your area, some of which you may walk past every day, and yet they are open to all of us. Examine documents and learn what to look for. Hear how you can use the Freedom of Information Act.

Oral History

Learn about best practices when interviewing and recording friends and family for your research. Ensure the interviewee is in control at all times. Certified training is also available for victims and survivors' groups.


Paper Trail is free to discuss family reports and campaigns, and what archives could help your work. These workshops can discuss either general or particular issues - depending on the wishes of the family group.


Normally we also incorporate a trip to the Public Records Office Northern Ireland [PRONI] in Belfast but this has been discontinued due to concerns for COVID-19. We will be restarting these invaluable tours when we are safe to continue.


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