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A new charity and social enterprise which helps seekers of truth access information relating to conflict and social upheaval across Ireland and Great Britain over the last 50 years and more.

Paper Trail offers specialized and targeted research of legacy archives to the legal profession, the media and academia. The records it targets can help build legal cases, and will feature in documentary film, news articles and research papers.


These files may be case-winning or history-making, but they also record events which impacted upon real lives and human beings. In some cases, they represent new evidence in killings and abuses of power by the state, and this is what drives Paper Trail – social justice and support for ordinary families.


Author and campaigner, Ciarán MacAirt, created Paper Trail to help families access information buried in public records:


“Conflict and human rights abuses have impacted the lives of thousands of families on these two islands over the past few decades. Even though we are supposed to live in a democratic society with a degree of open government, these families have been starved of information. This information could give them a measure of closure and even re-write history.”


“Paper Trail builds on a decade of my own work with families and their representatives. We can discover, target and release information previously buried in archives. We can help academics and the media make better use of their resources and provide case-winning evidence to human rights lawyers. As a social enterprise, we reinvest any profit we make to provide free support and training to other families in their pursuit of truth.”

Paper Trail – Legacy Archive Research operates a virtual office from the North Belfast Social Enterprise Hub, 52 York Street, Belfast, and travels to archives across Ireland and Great Britain.


For further information visit our website or email Ciarán


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