Bloody Friday in the News

Bloody Friday in the News

Bloody Friday was one of the most devastating days during the conflict.

The Irish Republican Army detonated over 20 bombs across the city of Belfast, killing 9 people and injuring 130. Loyalists had also killed civilians before and after these explosions so 21st July 1972 was a Bloody Friday for many families. Today is the 49th anniversary of that day.

Bloody Friday was also one horrific day in the most violent month during the conflict, which saw over 90 people killed and hundreds injured. All sides were guilty of the carnage.

Paper Trail has been supporting many families bereaved and injured during this horrific month so we have done extensive research on the period.

We have also gathered scores of newspaper cuttings relating to Bloody Friday which victims and survivors of the conflict can access to help with their own research which may have been impacted by the closure of public records during the global pandemic.

The families we support have given their consent to share these public newspaper articles with other victims and survivors.

Victims and Survivors can access this newspaper bundle after filling in this online monitoring form and we will send you access details or emailing Ciarán info@paper to begin a conversation about how we can help your own research.

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