Anthony Davidson Family Contact Request

To the Family of Anthony Davidson: Contact Request

Paper Trail is requesting contact with the family of Anthony Davidson murdered 21st July 1972.

Paper Trail has been trying to make contact with the family of Anthony Davidson who was shot in Clovelly Street, West Belfast, just past midnight 21st July 1972. Anthony died a couple of hours later.

That day, the Irish Republican Army exploded over 20 bombs around Belfast, killing 9 people and wounding 130. That day became known as Bloody Friday.

We need to make direct contact with Anthony's family as we have discovered some critical evidence relating to his murder including collusion between the Ulster Defence Association, British Army, and the Royal Ulster Constabulary. The evidence also names one of the killers and highlights the lengths to which the British authorities ensured this suspected killer was not charged or prosecuted.

We have had indirect contact with a member of Anthony's family but we would like direct contact as this new evidence is included in extensive Paper Trail research involving the King's Regiment during the summer of 1972 and we have to make that research available to families we are supporting which means, in effect, that it will be public. We would like to ensure that we keep Anthony's family informed of the new evidence.

As Paper Trail has exposed, King's Regiment was involved in a number of murders and cover-ups in West Belfast including the Springhill-Westrock Massacre and the killings of Martha Campbell and Thomas Mills although there are more.

The King's Regiment provided critical intelligence to the British Army regarding the UDA murder and murderer of Anthony as the regiment was liaising closely with the UDA's leader in the area and the UDA leader discussed Anthony's murder and a number of others in the files we have.


Ciarán MacAirt would like to speak with Anthony's family directly before the release of the Paper Trail research: email or telephone 02895 818 575.

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