Consultation for Addressing the Legacy of the Past

Consultation Deadline: Addressing the Legacy of the Past

The consultation for Addressing the Legacy of the Past is closing on 5th October 2018 so record your views now.

The consultation regards the proposed legislation and mechanisms for dealing with the legacy of the conflict. It follows the signing of the Stormont House Agreement in 2014 and the absence of action since then. The consultation deadline has been extended from 10th September to 5th October to give us more time to respond.

Further Information: Northern Ireland Office Website

Paper Trail (Legacy Archive Research) is encouraging all families to respond. The proposals are far from perfect but that is more reason for your voices to be heard.

You can get the information you need on the government website and post or email your response.

Otherwise, you can respond online.

Remember, the consultation closes 5th October 2018 so you have limited time to discuss this with your family and respond.

Free and Independent Support

You can find a list of organisations who are offering free and independent support in your area on the Victims and Survivors Service website.


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