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Civilian C, Mass Killing


Civilian C was one of a number of victims of a mass killing by the state and – allegedly – Loyalists.



The mass killing began with the shooting dead of two unarmed Republicans. The state promoted the pretext that the Republicans were shot dead by Loyalist extremists, and that Security Forces killed the subsequent victims,¬†including Civilian C, because they were armed and firing at the British Army. Every local witness disputes these accusations, and forensic evidence disproved the state’s account.


The families are unhappy with the original investigation and subsequent historical investigations.


Paper Trail:

We traced the development of the disinformation throughout governmental, police and British Army files. Significantly, we discovered information given to the British Prime Minister that records the British Army and not Loyalist extremists killed the first two victims.



Paper Trail self-funded three trips to Kew, National Archives, to trace this historic documentation. We collated the information and presented it to the families and their legal representatives.


Not only did these legacy archives prove that the British Army admitted to killing all of the victims (which means that an undercover unit killed the first two), but that the British Prime Minister was told of this too. The British PM was also misinformed that the victims were armed when they were killed



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